The 2013-14 YWP Digital Classroom

"The site has helped me get to know my students better; that allows me to be more effective as a teacher." -- 7/8 science teacher

Welcome to the YWP Schools Project and the redesigned digital classroom platform for 2013/14. This year's site is cleaner, easier to navigate and faster than ever before thanks to some great suggestions from students and teachers.

The site also has several exciting new features that will add to student engagement and teacher effectiveness.

This platform is provided for free to selected partner schools interested in improving student writing and deepening student engagement. It helps teachers focus instruction around idea formation, revision, civil discourse and integration of multimedia. The platform intuitively foster respectful peer-to-peer conversation, critical thinking, creativity in all types of writing in all curricula. They are 'creative management systems' with several key ways that help teachers -- and students -- organize and view work.

YWP provides schools technical support 24/7 via phone, email or Web conference. YWP's primary support contact is Doug DeMaio: or 802-324-9538.

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